Agnetha Smith-Rhodes has two referents in the Pessimal Discworld. The older Agnetha, born as Agnetha van der Graaf, is the wife of Andreas "Barbarossa" Smith-Rhodes and mother of five children. Her oldest daughter Johanna Smith-Rhodes emigrated to Ankh-Morpork and has carved out (sometimes literally; the machete isn't just for show) a career revolving round the Guild of Assassins. Her youngest daughter Mariella Smith-Rhodes is currently a pupil at the Assassins' Guild School. Her brother Pieter van der Graaf is Ambassador to Ankh-Morpork.

Her middle daughter Agnetha opted to stay at home. She is happily married to her father's farm manager and is in line to co-inherit the family business. Agnetha has five children of her own and is happy in her life, although not above making snarky sibling remarks to her childless older sister, and expressing a little jealousy over the freedom Johanna enjoys.

Despite being dutiful wives and mothers in keeping with the Vondalaans motto of kirk, kinder und kombuis (Church, children and kitchen), neither Agnetha is a Stepford Wife. The elder routinely removes the spirit bottle from her husband when she judges he's had enough, and both have the essential frontierwoman skills of being able to fight like Hell if the Zulus attack. They have, after all, a lot to defend.

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