The Antidisc features in the fanon of 666hotline.In a truly magical world everything has its opposite and the discworld is no acception,there is also a complete opposite to the disc that was created around the same time at the opposite end of the universe and heading in the opposite direction.It is a well known fact that the real disc exists on the edge of reality,therefore if you reverse it the obvious conclusion is that the antidisc exists on the edge of unreality which is a whole lot stranger.Other differences include it spinning anti turnwise and the sun moving across the sky in the opposite direction.The Antidisc first appeared in the 666hotline story Thin Air.

Places on the AntidiscEdit

  • Morpork Ankh-A city located on the plains Ots,at its heart is the grand wizzards college known as "Seen University".The bell of seen university is called Young Tom and rings out anti anti noise(sound)
  • The topram's-A large mountain range,located on these mountains is the kingdom of ercnaL
  • Dlawreblu-Home to the vampires and werewolfs who only come out at Antinight(ie day,the humans come out during antiday which we wouold think of as night,this is due to the fact that the sun produces anti light so its actually lighter when its not shining

Inhabitants of the AntidiscEdit

  • Life-the exact opposite of death,he wears a white robe and appears at people's births
  • Nanny weatherwax and Granny Ogg-Two witches who live in the topram kingdom of ercnal
  • Windrince-An extremly powerful wizzard who has the odd habit of spelling it with one R and never on his hat

Stories featuring the AntidiscEdit