Antoinette first appeared as a student at the Assassins' Guild School, in Black Widow House. From Quirmian Aceria, she distinguished herself as a student by ice-skating in the Pork Futures Warehouse, committing acts of unauthorised lumberjacking for additional firewood for her dorm, and tapping the maple trees in Hide Park for their syrup.

She graduated and trained as a teacher, offering Guild School students an optional course module in La Quirmienne Comme Elle Se Parle a L'Acerie, Ehhh. Her membership of the Modern Languages Department at the Guild school meant that when Madame Emmanuelle had to relinquish the housemistress position in her former Black Widow House, Antoinette was ideally placed to take over, a case of poacher-turned-gamekeeper.

In, it is revealed that she has a commerical arrangement with the management of the Pork Futures Warehouse to use surplus space as the City's ice-skating venue, both for leisure skating and to host games of ice hockey, a sport likened to Llamedosian-Rules Fifteen-a-side Foot-the-Ball with great big sticks, body armour and a sharp blade strapped to each foot. Other emigré populations in Ankh-Morpork, such as the Swommi and Far Uberwaldeans, enter teams in a very competitive league. Her version of the Vimes Run for students needing close supervision or reproof is to teach them to ice-skate and play hockey. As Mariella Smith-Rhodes discovered, this is an ordeal.

She is also a good and sympathetic Housemistress and will go that extra mile for her students when they need her. This is seen in The Six of Swords. Her Acerian character comes to the fore here.

Her grasp of demotic Quirmian as it is spoken in Aceria makes her a popular teacher, and even those with little previous interest in Quirmian language and culture find their interest levels shoot up appreciably in Antoinette's classes. Acerian Quirmian is an extremely expressive language and even Madame Emanuelle was entranced and greatly amused by the everyday expressiveness of her fellow-speakers from a former colony.

The referent here is of course Quebec and French Canada. Which does not hold back at all on its expressiveness and has an extensive lexicon of swear-words and profanities largely unknown in metropolitan france, but which are getting more popular there, much to the consternation and disdain of L'Academie Francaise, who prefer French people to swear according to the approved grammar and vocabulary.