In the Canon:-Edit

This plant is not a canonical object. It comes from the imagination of author A.A. Pessimal.Edit

In the Pessimal Discworld:- Edit

Found in the desert country of the Eastern Howondaland Central Plain just south of Klatch. Man-tall and with unyielding natural spines, hooks and barbs up to six inches long and of razor-sharpness, this plant has been traditionally used by Red Indians for amusement and entertainment, (in the perfect holistic balance with their natural environment for which they are justly famous). The Apaches are particularly proud of this part of their natural environment, and cannot resist showing it off to captives. All Red Indians famously live in balance with their environment, taking out no more than it can sustain and giving back what it needs. Their use of this cactus leaves it unharmed, and their activities usually result in the arid desert earth receiving a welcome gift of natural fertiliser that goes to making more cacti.

What could be more holistic and environmentally conscious than that?

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