In the Canon:-Edit

Mr Bradlofrudd is a teacher at the Assassins' Guild School, and form master of Tree Frog House (day pupils rather than boarders). He is another of those "placeholder" names in the Canon about whom nothing more is known.

In the Pessimal Discworld:-Edit

Mr Bradlofrudd is Boys' PE teacher at the Guild school. He is one of those big bluff mens' men PE teachers (note for Americans: PE = "physical Education" and Bill is the Coach) who is loved, or at least admired, by the boys. Although he is unsure and uncertain about how to deal with girls. He once covered a girls' PE lesson and, absent-mindedly, walked into the changing room afterwards bellowing at the pupils to get a bloody move on or you're going to be late for your next lesson. In the ensuing dead silence, he looked about him once, said "whoops" and walked out backwards, covering his eyes. The girls still tease him about it, and these days he askes a senior prefect or a female teaching assistant to cover the girls' changing room for him, if he has to....

He is despairingly in lust with Emmanuelle-Marie Lapoignard les Deux-Epées, but malheuresement for him, she does not mix her work and her lovers.

He used to work at Hugglestones, the boys' school conveniently located in the middle of nowhere. He is a qualified Assassin, although the Fanon is silent as to how an Assassin PE Teacher would reconcile the coolth of being an Assassin with the decided uncoolth of being a PE Teacher. (One observer suggested the weapon of choice for an Assassin/PE master on a contract might be a crudely fashioned wooden club with a nail knocked through the end) He does wear a black tracksuit and carries his whistle of office on a purple silk ribbon to demote his teacher status.

It is rumoured that he qualified for the Guild by inhuming his previous headmaster (via defenestration from an upper storey) following a heated performance review. He passed the Mature Students Class with ease on the physical things, but with some difficulties on the more, er, cerebral side of being an Assassin.

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