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We know Arab-like peoples occupy the north (hubwards) regions of the continent of Klatch nearest the Circle Sea. This is largely desert and scrub with fertile regions around the main rivers, such as the Djel. At the other end of the continet (rimwards) are the black tribes and a thick jungle belt. I have placed the white colony of the URH in a location analagous to our South Africa. But the bit in between the desert and the jungle belt? Tere is no equator on the Disc governing climate and types of dominant plant growth. What I see is a gradual progression, north-south (hubwards to rimwards) from true desert, to subsaharan, through arid scrubby greenery to a rolling grassy prairie, which then shades into forest at one extremity and jungle in the other. This central plain would then be Home to the Plains Indians, analagous to our Sioux, Crow, Comanche, Kiowa, et c. Where it shades to forest, we find the Iroquis Confederation, the Mohican, and so on; there will be coast-dwelling Indians such as Blackfeet, Pinze-Nez and Scalbie. At the opposite extremity where it bakes into desert again, in between Klatch and Kwa'zululand, would be the desert tribes of Yaqui, Navaho and Apache.

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