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Welcome to the Pratchett Fanon Wiki

Hi! This is a wiki created for the specific purpose of bringing together collaborative or individual efforts towards making fan fiction, fanon, or any other non-canon third-party material based on any books by Terry Pratchett. Feel free to contribute. The wikia for Pratchett is, and the non-wikia site has comprehensive articles on many Pratchett-based items.

Please note that very few if any of the articles herein are canon material of the Discworld, Johnny, Tiffany Aching (officially set in the Discworld but part of a children's series), or stand-alone tales by Pratchett and should not be treated as such.

Policy on this WikiEdit

Fanon and fanfiction are often more interesting than the works they portray, and Pratchett is surely no exception. However, credit must be given where it is due, so please, if you are adding to any article as an intermediary - that is, if you did not create the character, location, etc. of the article in question, please give a link to the website that the story/video/AMV/etc. was published on.

If you are the creator of the fanon in question, please provide a link to your profile on the wiki in the body of the article text. For example, the creator of the article on Janet would put a link to their userpage.

Any and all information on a character, location, event, or other fan-created material based on works written in whole or in part by Terry Pratchett is considered your creative property, but if you wish you may place a disclaimer at the top of your article allowing it to be used by anyone who wishes to do so.

If this disclaimer is not in an article, it is considered the creative property of the individual who created it.

Latest activityEdit

  • edit Amorine Maccalariat
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    Summary: Adding family member
  • edit Amorine Maccalariat
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    Summary: typo
  • edit Amorine Maccalariat
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    Summary: note and link
  • new page Amorine Maccalariat
    created by AgProv
    New page: Dame Amorine is a member of the respected and somewhat feared Maccalariat matriachy. After the re-opening of the Royal Post Office for business, and...
    Summary: The Maccalariat family.
  • new page Peter Bellamy
    created by AgProv
    New page: A former soldier and one who survived enlistment into one of Lord Rust's regiments (despite the odds) , Peter Bellamy took a Watch position in the...
    Summary: new page
  • new page Tanty
    created by AgProv
    New page: The Tanty is the main prison and detention faculty in Ankh-Morpork. Its current governor in the Pessimal universe is Dame Amorine Maccalariat. The...
    Summary: new page
  • edit Davinia Bellamy
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  • categorization Assassins' Guild School
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    Added category: The Assassins of A.A. Pessimal
  • new page Ankh-Morpork
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    New page: The city which is the setting for a good three-quarters of the canonical books. Expanded on somewhat in the Pessimal Discworld.
    Summary: new page, placeholder
  • new page Tanty Bugle
    created by AgProv
    New page: TheTanty Bugle is a lurid and rather exitable news reportage magazine in Ankh-Morpork. It specialises in crime and murde, the more 'orrible the...

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