In Terry Pratchett's Discworld:-

This is the referent for Greece and all things Greek.

Philosophy, dubious-looking kebabs, any foodstuffs wrapped in soggy vine leaves, wine that tastes strongly of disinfectant, the institution of democracy, co-existing with the institution of slavery... this is Greece, with all the knobs turned right up past eleven, in accordance with Pratchett's Law of Roundworld National Stereotypes.

In the Pessimal Discworld:-

Add in things like soldiers in ballet tutus, the Ephebian Island Lifestyle as a euphemism for what goes on at the Blue Cat Club, the poet Homeboi, the poetess Sappho, the Goddess Dike, formerly responsible for a Justice that nobody really believes in any more, but now taken up as a single-syllable patron of alternative female gender preference...

The Flag:-

Based on an early 19th century flag used by Greeks fighting for independence from the Ottoman Empire. The motto reads Dolmades E Kleftiko! or Stuffed Vine Leaves And Lamb Marinaded In Spicy Sauce!  This is believed to hearken back to the first meeting of rebels being in a rather nice taverna with a good menu, and after a surfeit of retsina, the revolutionary manifesto being hastily scribbled down on the back of the menu. The Prostitute tasked with running up the revolutionary flag unfortunately got the motto slightly wrong.

Eminent Ephebians:-Edit

  • Euryale Ophidema:- a Gorgon constable of the City Watch.
  • Stavros Polyvinylchlorinos:- A provider of wholesome tasty kebabs in Dimwell.
  • Young Master Polyvinylchlorinos:- a scholarship student Assassin. 
  • Dike: a goddess. Her name is pronounced with two syllables.