In a truly magical environment everything has its opposite.

In the one-shot fanfiction written by Ulyenov Janet is the opposite of the Lady, representing not good or bad L-word but none of it at all. She is described as a small, mousy woman who is at first disguised as a daughter-in-law of Nanny Ogg. She starts her tenure at the Ogg household by slapping Nanny across the face and revealing what first are thought to be powers of witchcraft when she telekinetically removes half a pint of scumble from Nanny's stomach. However, it is revealed by Janet herself that she is in fact a goddess, formerly known as Bretina, Goddess of Burnt Crops. In a nod to Anoia, Janet constantly carries a smoking wheat stalk after her divine nature is revealed.

borrowed by Pessimal

Fanfic author A.A. Pessimal thought this was such a brilliant idea that he borrowed (and has acknowledged) the character of "Janet" for a fanfic on the Tarot Cards as they might be interpreted on the Discworld. His take on her appears in Chapter 12, The Wheel of Fortune ("The Bet's The Thing - it could be you!")

Pessimal's take on Janet, Goddess of Kaycul, The Ydal, Anutrof.

Thank you, Ulyenov!