Julian is a member of the influential Smith-Rhodes family, who have exerted power in White Howondaland since before independence from Ankh-Morpork. Prior to being sent out on a jungle patrol to covertly investigate rumours of strange things happening on a disputed border, he was a perfectly well-adjusted young man embarking on an army career as the first step of his personal curs hororum to the highest echelons of society and political power. However, he encountered a relative called Johanna Smith-Rhodes, who subverted his course of honour in several strange and interesting ways. Within forty-eight hours of the family reunion, he had fought a battle, drawn himself to the attention of highly-placed people for the right reasons, and ensured a promotion to Junior Military Attaché at the prestigious Embassy at Ankh-Morpork. As a result of saving the life of a very strange ally who fought alongside him, he was offered personal lessons in Howondalandian native languages. A unique and strange romance is possible, especially since Ankh-Morpork is expressly not Howondaland. And is several thousand miles away from two sets of possibly outraged parents.

He appears - at least to begin with - in Let's Bungle in The Jungle

His personal story continues in

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