Julian "Jules" Sto Kerrig was a singer and pianist in Ankh-Morpork.  A gifted pianist who combined his musical talent with the ability to be totally irritating, he came to grief one night when he foolishly accepted a booking to play ambient music to delight patrons and create an atmosphere in the main bar of the Mended Drum. (the latest owners of which had succumbed to a desire to move the pub upmarket and to attract a more refined and better-behaved clientele.) He created an atmosphere, alright: Regular patrons of the pub got increasingly annoyed with that bloody tinkly music that was getting in the way of quaffing, converation and a damn good fight. "And if that bugger with the funny voice plays that bloody annoying tinkly-tinkly theme again I'm gonna.... Right! That's It!" 

Jules StoKerrig is currently in the Lady Sybil, where Igor is confident of being able to rebuild his fingers after a piano lid was repeatedly slammed shut on them. He plans to return to his music after the Igors have finished. 

So it's a case of Later, for Jules Sto Kerrig..

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