In the Canon:-

Cut Me Own Throat Dibbler, salesman and failed entrepreneur, has many relatives accross the Disc. This one carries on the pattern, although he is Pessimal's and not Pratchett's.

In Pessimal's Discworld:-Edit

This is Dibbler's Rimwards Howondalandian archetype. Known as Sell-Me-Own-Wife-to-The-Kwa'Zulu van Djibbler, this unique Boor travels the streets of Pratoria selling suspiciously fresh biltong and suspiciously old congealed mealiepap from a tray, along with bunny-chow suspected to conceal myxamatosis despite its absolute lack of any form of rabbit meat. .

He acheived fame in the alternative canon by selling Dibbler the Howondalandian wildlife which was destined to become the nucleus of the Ankh-Morpork City Zoo.

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