In the Canon:-=== Pretty Butterfly is the daughter of Twoflower, who reluctantly acts as guide and bodyguard to Rincewind on his mission to the Counterweight Continent. Watching her in action, Rincewind realises her ruthlessness and fighting abilities mark her out as the only sane and competent person in the Red Army. She is utterly devoted to her father and shares his vow to avenge her dead mother.

In the Pessimal Discworld:- Edit

The new Agatean Emperor Cohen rewards his friends by handing out positions and prestigious appointments.

Deciding it is high time the Empire was more formally represented in Ankh-Morpork, he appoints Twoflower as the Ambassador. It is possible he was doing this to provide his old friend not only with an enjoyable job, but also with with a safe place to run to, as when any new administration inevitably supplanted Cohen, it would inevitably take revenge on his friends and supporters by ordering them into the Void. If one such were where he could run to a sympathetic government and request political asylum, it would spare him and his family, so the thinking went.

So Twoflower arrived as Ambassador. His daughter Pretty Butterfly accompanied him, and whispered her Ninja credentials into the right ear. This led to her appointment as Visiting Lecturer in Agatean Language and Culture at the Assassins' Guild School, where she is known by her Agatean name as Koukouchou-sama - "Esteemed Lady Butterfly".

She teaches culture and language to Guild students. A typical first lesson to an all-girls class might inolve a bare classroom where all the desks have been cleared out and Agatean bamboo and paper screens arranged artristically around the walls. Thirty kneeling pads have been laid out, and the students will perceive several racks of silk kimonos and other garments have been laid out. Butterfly then bids them to undress to their underwear, and teaches them how to dress and robe themselves to Agatean standards as you cannot begin to undestand my culture and language unless you first wear its clothes. Then they are taught how to kneel properly, and how to hold the posture for an hour at a time without fidgeting. Koucouchou-sama reinforces this lesson with ocassional corrective applications of a bamboo stick.  After that, they are drilled in terms of appropriate respect: sama to a superior, san to an equal, and chan to a close friend, lover or family member.

She appears in these stories:

  1. The Prospectus
  2. Il se passait au nuit du Pere Porcher
  3. Clowning is a Serious Business
  4. Doppelgangers

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