Igorina colored by AndrewSalt

In The Canon:-== The Clan of the Igors is renowned the Disc over for its medical and surgical abilities. Igors are of course largely self-made men, who are thought of as seeking serial immortality on the instalment plan. The Clan, at its heart in Überwald, is rigidly conservative and considers Igoring to be an Igor-only opportunity. Igorinas, who are often startlingly attractive, are expected to be wives and mothers. But in recent years, sparked off by that Igorina who joined the Borogravian Army by lying about her gender, things have begun to relax...

In the Pessimal Discworld:-Edit

The Guild of Assassins used to have a Doctor on the payroll.' (Pyramids). 'But he proved to be utterly useless at all aspects of medicine save making up long convincing pseudomedical explanations on the fly. After several years, the vacancy ( circumstances of departure of post-holder are not yet ascertained and believed to be a Guild secret) was filled, at the quiet insistent suggestion of Lord Vetinari, by the employment of an Igorina. While an Igor was initially considered, it was thought that , a female was best because of the nature of the job, in the light of the Guild going co-educational. It was accepted that boys respond well to a sympathetic female voice, and girls (and teachers) are more likely to take those intimate things to a woman doctor.

Igorina, now the School Matron, is rewarded by a stream of professionally interesting injuries. There are the accidental stabs, slashes and severed fingers from Madame Emmanuelle-Marie Lapoignard les Deux-Epées'  sword-fighting classes; there are the inadvertant poisonings in the Inimical Alchemy classes; sprains and broken bones in Alice Band's Edifieering lessons; large animal bites, maulings, and encounters with venomous creatures whilst on Johanna Smith-Rhodes' nature trails.

Igorina is also a teacher on the School staff. She teaches first-aid, emergency medicine, and handles that tricky area that all teachers agree should and must be taught; they'd just prefer it if somebody else taught it, thank you very much.

Observers agree that Igorina's sex-ed lessons are crisply, professionally and objectively delivered, so much so that the girls file out afterwards as white-faced gibbering wrecks who are determined never to have sex with anyone, anywhere, at any time, if that's what it's all about.

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