In the Canon:-=== The nation-state of Paraquat does not exist in the Canon. It is the sole invention of fanfic author A.A. Pessimal.

In the Pessimal Discworld:-Edit

Paraquat is to be found adjacent to the forbidding jungle kingdom of Tezuman. It is populated by Stinca Indians, who after colonisation by Toleda and liberation by a band of exiled Hergenian rebels and adventurers now has strong streaks of both running through the national veins. It was prized by the Toledans for its reserves of gold, silver and platinum, and still has a thriving mining trade in precious metals, now overseen by Dwarfs who have developed a certain laid-back mañana mentality. Physically, the country is a mixture of vertigo-inducing high mountains and deep jungle valleys. It produces people with great endurance and an almost sucidal head for heights. Its principal exports are gold, silver, platinum, llama produce (meat, cheese and wool as well as the animals themselves), mariachi bands, and circus high-wire and trapeze artistes. There is also a suspicion that addictive drugs aimed at both humans and Trolls are manufactured here for export.

It stands in the Pessimal Discworld as the referent for all things Latin and South American.(but of course with all the knobs turned up to eleven, et c et c). Its current method of government is military democracy - ie, do as the Generalissimo tells you. You are, of course, free to refuse and dissapear afterwards.

Famous People:- Edit

Paraquatian Culture:-Edit

  • The Condor Dance: A seemingly suicidal circus act, where three high-wire performers throw themselves off the top of a hundred foot pole, wearing what amount to birds' wings (for gliding, not for flapping), and, connected to the pole only by an unwinding rope, glide safely and spectacularly to earh in an ever-increasing spiral.
  • The "Paraquatian" - This is an, er, intimate hairdressing style on offer to the city's most fashionable ladies. It is best described according to the version favoured by emancipated Dwarf women, where the beard is completely shaven on both sides, leaving only a narrow hanging goatee centred on the point of the chin.