In the Pratchett Discworld:-&nbspEdit

The life history of Professor Ponder Stibbons and his dizzy climb from a mere undergraduate student (Moving Pictures) to de facto Deputy Arch-chancellor (Unseen Academicals) is well known and need not be dwelt on at length here. I need only direct interested readers to the entry in the official and strictly canonical Pratchett and Discworld Wiki, which by the way always welcomes new writing talent.

Official wiki biography of Ponder Stibbons

In the Pessimal Discworld:-Edit

I've been kind and given him a girlfriend, a person who in a very specialised way is as as academic and unworldly as he is. Ponder is bright enough to realise life is only ever going to offer him one or two shots at getting it right with a girl, and quietly beleives he's been dealt better than he deserves. For her part, she mellows out in his company, becomes a lot more feminine, and adores him for his absolute lack of machismo.