In The Canon:-Edit

No such people exist. They are a figment of the diseased mind of A.A. Pessimal.

Scalbie Indians:-Edit

Well, everybody knows about the Crow Indians, a tribe who tended to throw their lot in with the white man and even served the American Army as auxiliaries and scouts. As wih other tribes, they took a totem animal, in this case the Crow.

Scalbie Indians are worse. The only totem animal that would accept them, and that with persuasion, was the Scalbie.

In the canon, the scalbie is a bird which is distantly related to the crow, except the the crow would be the first to indigantly deny it and shuffle further away along the branch of the Tree of Evolution. For the scalbie is dirty, disgusting, lives on things even other scavengers reject, and tends to look like other birds after the oil-slick has hit them.

It follows on that any Indian tribe so hard-up as to find this is the only creature prepared to accept them as tutelary animal spirit aren't exactly going to be the most moble of savages. Savage, yes, noble, no. This is a tribe who nicked off school the day other Indians were taught to make and read smoke signals. Indeed, the best smoke signal a Scalbie can make is "Oh shit, my tepee's on fire!" They habitually knock on the tepee flaps and longhouse/adobe doors of other more favoured Indians to ask if you've "got any spare wampum, guv? Oh, and a spare haunch of pemmican would be nice. Is that firewater anybody's?" and so on.

They are generally shunned for giving the race a bad name. In the time of the Indian War with White Howondaland, they served General Kriminel's invading Boor army as scouts and auxiliaries. This meant they had some collective explaining to do afterwards.