Part of the Pessimal Expanded Discworld, Smith-Rhodesia is the newest constituent State of the Republic of Rimwards Howondaland. It is named for the great adventurer Sir Cecil Smith-Rhodes, who led a small private army to annex a hitherto unclaimed (except by the natives who lived there, but they didn't count) Hubwards region of Rimwards Howondaland for the new nation. With superb modesty, he named the new land after himself and his notable family. Although the displaced and resentful natives still insist (albeit not very loudly) its true name is Rumbabwe. A low-level war exists between settlers and displaced black natives, sponsored by neighbouring black Howondalandian kingdoms, to this day, and a large part of the white state's Army is to be found here at any given time. The capital city is New Scrote, named in honour of Sir Cecil's birthplace on the Sto Plains.

Analogous to the history of Rhodesia on our world.

A Smith-Rhodes returns to Smith-Rhodesia in the tale Gap Year Adventures, and the country is described in detail. With a lot of inferred reasons why the modern Smith-Rhodes family tries not to visit too much. You might even think they consider it an embarrassment...