Sto Kerrig - national flag

the national flag: Holland plus edam, clogs and tulips


In the Canon:-

Sto Kerrig is the smallest and least mentioned of The three Sto states

In the Pessimal Discworld:-Edit

This is the referent for Holland and all things Dutch.

Therefore with all the knobs turned up to eleven, there is much talk of tulips, clogs, windmills, Gouda and Edam-ish cheeses, dubious coffee shops wherein strange substances are smoked, et c. The colour orange has quasi-mystic overtones.

The language has occassional overtones of English, and in the past, waves of emigrants were responsible for the ongoing problem in faraway Hergen and for the successful founding of the bloody-minded and somewhat stroeppy colony of faraway Rimwards Howandaland. It is hinted that the more agressive and warlike Sto Kerrigians all went to Howondaland to found the Boor Republic, and the ones left behind have a more mellow, laid-back, attitude to life, no doubt enhanced by the substances smoked in the coffee shops. The Kerrigian language may now only be spoken by a hundred thousand of people or less in the Central Continent, what with the encroachment of all-pervasive Morporkian, but it thrives in Howondaland as the Vondalaans tongue of the white setttlers.