Sto Lat

Le drapeau national de Sto Lat/ the national flag of Sto lat/De Vlag van Sto Lat, featuring national vegetable and principal cash crop

Sto Helit - flag

The national flag of Sto Helit - essentially the Grand duchy of Luxembourg, with Mort's coat of armes central (two scythes crossed over an hourglass with motto "Non Timetus Messor"


In the Canon:- === The Sto States are three of Ankh-Morpork's closest neighbours on the Central Continent. It is thought that in the very earliest Discworld books, long before anyone had the idea of creating a Discworld Mappe, Terry invented Sto Helit as a gift to the books' Polish translator so that he could have a Discworld Poland to develop.

In the Pessimal Discworld:-Edit

'With the later addition of Borogravia and Zlobenia, the Slavonic/Eastern European region of the Discworld has been thrust out a long way past Sto Helit to where you would roughly expect to find it, ie on the other side of Uberwald. 'Therefore this opens up the three Stos for re-evaluation. As Pessimal, I proposed the folowing redesignations for Ankh-Morpork's nearest "European" neighbours:-

  • Sto Kerrig = Holland;
  • Sto Helit = Luxembourg ( ie - both are Grand Duchies) ;
  • Sto Lat = Belgium.

As cabbages/sprouts/brassica - ie the staple crop of Belgium - are the local curency/cash crop, this makes sense.