Wallace "Sonky" Loosechange III is a singer and balladeer from Aceria who initially trained as a Minstrel and Troubadour at the College of Fools, Clowns, Joculators, Conjurors, Dorises, Minstrels, Theme-Park Guides in Silly Costumes, (and Mime-Artists) in the city of Ankh-Morpork.

Early lifeEdit

born in the settlement of Trouser Falls, in the province of Vestal Virginia, the young Loosechange developed a passion for singing and stringed instruments. Sent, some say sent away, to distant Ankh-Morpork at a young age to be trained as a Troubador, on graduation from the Fools' Guild after eleven gruelling years he took the the road as a jobbing balladeer. Despondent after being run out of his home town in a tarred and feathered condition, with his troubador rig irreperably damaged and his lute unstrung, he heard an untrained voce singing in the cornfield. it was a plaintive ujntaught native lament that combined primal angst at an unfaithful wife, regret at the sad demise of his maternal parent, his lack of money, a period of corrective incarceration, a crash that had destroyed his coach, and his consequent drinking problem (combined with a note of "Help! Im stuck in a goddam great field where the corn's as tall as a world-elephant's eye, and I can't find the way out!").

Loosechange listened, entranced, realising that the hitherto overlooked native music of his own Aceria,suitably adjusted by a trained voice, had a simple candour and sincerity that could reach hearts. And Hell, he could fake sincerity with the best of them.  Investing the last of his cash in a version of the plain native clothing of his homeland, but in bright colours and bedecked with sequins, the Ankhstone Cowboy was born. Indeed, his first smash hit was a version of the plaintive song he had heard in the field.

Since they let my momma out of prison,

Things down on the farm just haven't been the same!

And when they let my drunk wife  out the jailhouse,

She crashed our goddam coach out on the plain! 

Country and Widdershins music had been born. 

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