Yenta Goldberg2

Believed to have a first name beginning with "B", this is the only thing or entity on the Gods' Disc that can make Rivka ben-Devorah recoil in fear. This Cenotian woman is a Yenta. Not to be confused with a "witch" (at least where she can hear you), a Yenta, in Cenotian society, is a wise woman, an elder of the community, an informal Judge of disputes, and, most crucially, one who will go round to young unmarried girls and guilt-trip them into marriage and motherhood. In Gap Year Adventures, she relentlessly pursues Rivka across a whole continent to remind her she's getting no younger, her eggs won't remain fertile for ever, and isn't it time to find a nice Cenotian boy in a profession, Schmoopie, and settle down? She has a daughter, Erica, who fled to Ankh-Morpork to escape her mother and who now works as a professional singer and musician under the name Rikki Gold, because that doesn't sound so Cenotian.